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Self-Harm Treatment for Teens and adolescents in Ohio

If your child has tendencies toward engaging in self-harm, Beyond’s compassionate team in Ohio is here to help.

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We Will Help Your Child Discover Self-Love

The journey towards healing and self-acceptance can be complex, especially when it involves overcoming self-harm tendencies. If your child is struggling with self-harm, know that they are not alone in their struggle. At Beyond, we see their pain, recognize their strength, and are here to offer compassionate guidance and a self-loving path forward.

Self-harm is often a deeply personal and misunderstood response to emotional pain, stress, or trauma. However, it can also result in feelings of shame and loneliness. Our compassionate team is specialized in supporting teens and adolescents who are navigating these challenges. We offer a safe, non-judgmental space where your child can explore the underlying issues contributing to their self-harm behaviors and discover healthier ways to cope with their emotions.

The Impact of Teen and Adolescent Self-Harm Treatment in Ohio

Beyond Healthcare’s approach is holistic and personalized, addressing the roots of self-harming tendencies and working through them on the mind, body, and soul level. Through therapy, we delve into the personal experiences and feelings that drive self-harm. Our group setting also allows your child to connect with peers who understand, helping to disrupt feelings of isolation.

We Go Above and Beyond

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Enhanced Emotional Regulation

Through treatment, teens and adolescents learn to identify, understand, and manage thoughts and triggers more effectively, which is key to regulating the emotions that lead to self-harm.

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Development of Coping Skills

Through therapy, teens and adolescents learn healthy coping strategies to manage their stress and emotions, reducing their reliance on self-harm as a coping mechanism.

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Understanding Underlying Causes

Our treatment for self-harm helps individuals understand the underlying emotional issues or traumas that drive their self-harming behaviors, providing necessary insight for lasting healing.

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Reduce Risk of Future Self-Harm

Consistent treatment and support significantly reduce the risk of future self-harm by addressing its root causes and teaching effective emotional regulation skills.

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Safe & Supportive Environment

We provide a safe, non-judgmental space where teens and adolescents feel comfortable discussing their struggles, ensuring they feel heard and understood without fear of stigma or judgment.

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Improved Self-Esteem and Self-Worth

Our programs focus on building self-esteem and self-worth, helping teens and adolescents to see themselves in a more lovable and positive light, reducing shame and negative self-perceptions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. In fact, in all of our programs, we create a tailored plan just for your child using evidence-based approaches in order to provide them with the most effective strategy to help them heal from self-harm tendencies or any other mental health challenges they face.

Yes, we do offer medication management as an option in our programs. Each person in treatment may discover wellness in a variety of ways, some of which include medication. We acknowledge many paths to wellness at Beyond Healthcare by stressing the importance of treating the whole person—including their mind, body, and soul. Some teens and adolescents benefit from medication, while others do not. After a thorough mental health assessment, we’ll provide you with our prescription suggestions, if we believe any would be beneficial, and will work with you to create the treatment plan best for your child.

Treatment will be tailored to each person and will depend on the program you choose.

However, we meet all of those struggling with self-harm with the utmost care and compassion. Between our warm and friendly team of experts and the support of empathetic likeminded peers, your child will have a safe space to express all of their thoughts and emotions in a way that allows them to feel seen and understood. We’ll tailor treatment using evidence-based approaches, allowing for self-acceptance, deep healing, and transformation.

Absolutely! We believe that for teens and adolescents to heal, the family must heal as well. We gladly offer counseling, education, and ample tools and resources for family members.

The length of all of our programs, including for those in need of self-harm treatment, is dependent on the needs of each individual. While some families may find that long-term support is beneficial, others may prefer shorter treatment options.

However, our partial hospitalization programs (PHP) and intensive outpatient programs (IOP) typically last between six to eight weeks. Ultimately, we’re here to support you and your family as long as you need.

The process of working through depression is as individual as the person receiving treatment. Because of this, how quickly you’ll begin to see results will vary from person-to-person. While some may see a noticeable difference within weeks, for other it might take months. We honor each client’s pace and work with their needs and comfort levels to ensure the most supportive therapeutic treatment and increase likelihood of success.

Yes, we believe financial constraints should never hinder teens and adolescents from receiving vital mental health care. As such, we are in-network with all major Ohio commercial insurance and Medicaid plans.

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Discover the Right Program for Your Child

Not sure which program is right for your teen or adolescent? Begin by finding your nearest Beyond Healthcare location. From there, you’ll discover the therapeutic treatment options available to you.

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