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Your child deserves healing, and you deserve to feel confident in the path they take to get there. We’ll walk you through the steps for finding your local Beyond Healthcare location in Ohio and the service that is best suited for your and your child’s needs.

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Our Therapeutic Programs Are Tailored to You

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We’re Personalized

Everyone is unique, from their past history and personal preferences down to their genetics. Not only do we understand this; we embrace it. All of our therapy is tailored to each group and individual in order to meet their specific needs.

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We’re Specialized

We provide treatment solely for teens and adolescents between the ages of 8 to 17 and their families. So, when you partner with Beyond, you know you’re receiving the highest standard of care made specifically for your child.

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We’re Family-Centric

We believe that one of the most fundamental aspects to healing is family and community support. We encourage family involvement through treatment, education, skill-building and coordinated care for long-term success.

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We’re Holistic

Everything is connected, which is why our programs are holistically-based. We incorporate evidence-based strategies into everyday life to help develop self-regulation and bring awareness to the mind, body and spirit connection.

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Discover the Right Program for Your Child

Not sure which program is right for your child? Begin by finding your nearest Beyond Healthcare location. From there, you’ll discover the therapeutic treatment options available to you.

We are in-network with all major insurance and medicaid plans in Ohio

Frequently Asked Questions:

As a specialized therapeutic treatment practice, we only serve children and adolescents between the ages 8-17 and their families with mental health challenges.

Great question! The first step of our program is a diagnostic clinical assessment with one of our skilled therapists. Once you’ve completed this first step, the therapist will recommend the right level of care and services that would match your child’s needs.

As always, our clinical team works with you to select the type of program that is best for you and your child. We are here to help guide the way, and connect you with the help you need.

Not necessarily. We’re dedicated to assisting children and teens and their families who are dealing with a variety of problems. Some teens and adolescents may require more assistance due to family changes or behavioral concerns. Others might need support as a result of a specific mental health challenge or diagnosis. Because we provide such an extensive range of services, we can assist you in determining what’s best for you and your family during a comprehensive evaluation process. Even if we determine our programs aren’t for you, we will ensure you get connected to the kind of care you need.

Teens and children benefit from peer-to-peer interactions that reinforce that they are not alone in their struggles. Group therapy provides peer support and fosters a level of engagement beyond what can be achieved in individual outpatient therapy.

We provide services to teens and adolescents with intensive mental health conditions that impact their daily lives including anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder (ADHD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), self-harm, and other mental health challenges.

Day treatment, or IOP, is a form of therapy that runs after school three days per week for three hours per session within a group setting. These programs include mental health support, therapy sessions as needed, and medication management at some locations. The group settings are designed to help lessen the feelings of isolation and alienation that often come with mental health concerns. Your child will learn specific skills that will help them to learn how to cope with their mental health challenges, and gain confidence in navigating the real world after treatment.

Absolutely! We provide family sessions while your child is in treatment to help you learn how to best parent your child during this season of life.

The length of the program is dependent on the needs of each individual. While some families may find that long-term support is beneficial, others may prefer shorter treatment options.

However, our intensive outpatient programs (IOP) and partial hospitalization programs (PHP) typically last between six to eight weeks. Ultimately, we’re here to support you and your family as long as you need.

The process of healing is as individual as the person receiving it. Because of this, how quickly you’ll begin to see results from treatment will vary from person-to-person. While some may see a noticeable difference within weeks, for other it might take months. We honor each client’s pace and work with their needs and comfort levels to ensure the most supportive therapeutic treatment and increase likelihood of success.

Yes, we believe financial constraints should never hinder children and teens from receiving vital mental health care. As such, we are in-network with all major Ohio commercial insurance and Medicaid plans.