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a family talks about family therapy activities with a therapist

3 Family Therapy Activities

Adolescents and teens struggling with mental health conditions often don’t feel supported or that they have open lines of communication with their families. Instead of talking about the things that upset them or cause them problems, they may turn to harmful coping mechanisms like self-harm or substance use. Family therapy can provide incredible support for teens and parents as they work through the challenges of mental health conditions. When participating in family therapy activities, teens may not feel as much pressure as being asked about their struggles in a home setting.

Beyond Healthcare knows how important it is to support the entire family when a teen is struggling with their mental health. Even if they are going through a treatment program, parents may feel left out or could also feel a strain on their mental health. We encourage all of the teens and parents we help to participate in the family therapy activities our therapists lead to promote healing. For more information about our family therapy activities or to get your teen started in an outpatient mental health program today, call 833.698.0453.

What Is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a type of psychotherapy that works with families and couples to improve communication and resolve conflict. Therapist-led family therapy sessions usually last around 50 minutes to an hour.

There are many different types of family therapy, but three popular ones are behavioral, cognitive, and emotional. Behavioral family therapy focuses on identifying and changing negative patterns of behavior. Cognitive family therapy helps family members identify and change negative thinking patterns. Emotional family therapy focuses on helping families express and manage their emotions in healthy ways.

Family therapy can benefit families in many ways, such as improving communication, resolving conflict, and increasing empathy. It can also help families to understand and support each other through difficult times.

3 Family Therapy Activities

1. Art Activity

Have each family member create a painting or drawing that represents how they’re feeling. Once everyone is finished, take some time to discuss each piece of art and what it represents. This activity can help family members express their emotions and communicate how they’re feeling.

2. Communication Game

Play a game where one person starts by sharing something about themselves, then the person to their left has to share something about themselves, and so on. This activity can help family members learn more about each other and practice communicating effectively.

3. Empathy Exercise

Take turns sharing a time when you felt upset or hurt by someone in the family. After each person has had a turn, have everyone else try to empathize with that person by saying something like, “I can see how that would feel really upsetting.” This activity can help increase empathy and understanding within the family.

Using Family Therapy with Individual Therapy

Family therapy can be a great complement to individual therapy. If your teen is seeing a therapist individually, family therapy can help the entire family support their recovery. Family therapy can also help families communicate more effectively and resolve any conflict that may be present.

During individual therapy, your teen may discuss issues that are difficult to talk about with the family. Family therapy can provide a space for those issues to be discussed in a more open and understanding way. It can also help parents to understand their teenager’s individual therapy process and how they can support their recovery.

Start Family Therapy in Ohio at Beyond Healthcare

At Beyond Healthcare, we understand how important it is to support the entire family when a teen is struggling with their mental health. We offer family therapy as part of our outpatient mental health program for teens in Ohio. Our program includes individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy.

If you’re interested in getting your teen started in our outpatient mental health program, contact us today at 833.698.0453. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our program and help you get started.