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a teen looks sadly out of a window battling a depression crisis

Helping Teens Battle Depression Crisis

It is well known and accepted that teenagers are moody and hard to read. Recognizing the difference between typical teen angst and a mental health disorder like clinical depression can be challenging. The adolescent brain is still developing, and the teen years are a critical time for forming habits that promote social and emotional well-being for the future. Teen depression treatment programs provide the support needed to help them with mental health and behavioral issues and develop the strategies to manage their symptoms and lead healthy, productive lives.

According to Mental Health America, over 2.5 million youth live with severe major depression. The number of children with a reported major depressive episode increased by 197,000 from 2001 to 2002. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) says that nearly 20% of high school students have serious thoughts of suicide, and 9% have attempted suicide. All parents should make their teens aware of national and local depression crisis hotline information. Contact Beyond Healthcare at 833.698.0453 for more details on these services.

Depression Crisis Hotline Information

The symptoms of teen depression do not arise on a schedule. Whether it be the middle of the night, a weekend, or a holiday, traditional avenues for seeking support might not be available, and it can be challenging for teens to know where to turn for help. Often, teens in crisis are uncomfortable talking to family or close friends about it, particularly if they have suicidal thoughts.

A depression crisis hotline is a valuable tool for all teens coping with mental illness. If you are a teen experiencing a mental health crisis, calling a depression crisis hotline can offer the guidance and support you need at the moment. However, these hotlines are not appropriate for every situation. Consider calling if:

  • Your symptoms are sudden and severe
  • Other support systems are not available
  • Your coping skills are not helping alleviate your symptoms
  • You need advice from an unbiased source
  • You are questioning the need for emergency services
  • You need help accessing information about resources available in your community

Young people with mental health issues are particularly vulnerable to suicide because they are impulsive and often do not have the coping skills to deal with intense emotional distress. Teens must be informed of the availability of depression crisis hotlines to prevent potentially devastating outcomes.

National Depression Hotlines

Teens who live in rural areas often lack access to mental health resources. Thankfully, the internet and phone offer means to connect with crisis services that can provide support no matter where you live.
Most teens struggling with depression are afraid of reaching out for help because of the stigma of mental health disorders. The good news is that the information you share with a depression crisis hotline is entirely confidential and anonymous. A hotline worker will only break your confidentiality if there is a risk of suicide or violence against others.

Following is a list of national depression crisis hotline numbers:

  • Suicide & Crisis Lifeline – Dial 988
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) hotline – 800-662-4357
  • National Hopeline Network – 800-442-4673
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 800-273-8255
  • Samaritans – 800-870-4673
  • Teen Line – 800-852-8336
  • Crisis Text Line – Text HOME to 741741

If you are a teen in crisis or the parent, friend, or other acquaintance of one who is, help is available. In Toledo, OH and the surrounding area, Beyond Healthcare provides essential mental health treatment to children aged 11-17 and their families.

Reach Out to Beyond Healthcare for Depression Treatment for Teens

Depression and behavioral issues impact millions of teens. When left undetected and untreated, teens struggle to find stability and develop worsening symptoms that significantly impact daily functioning. When a mental health crisis arises, teens and parents need to know their options for immediate help. A depression crisis hotline can provide direct support to help manage a critical situation and guide you to available resources within your community.

At Beyond Healthcare in Toledo, Ohio, we are committed to helping teens overcome the impacts of depression by providing comprehensive, holistic mental health treatment. Contact our team at 833.698.0453 to learn more about how we can help your teen and family.