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family navigating rising teen anxiety at beyond healthcare

Rising Teen Anxiety During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many people in various ways. It’s limited overall health and well-being, created isolation, and led to intense mental health complications. Teen anxiety during COVID-19 has created obstacles for many people, but that doesn’t mean they have to suffer from the results. Our team at Beyond Healthcare can offer resources to enable healing and recovery, allowing a teen to start feeling more confident in their future again. Adolescents & teen mental health therapies can be very effective when used, especially early on.

Why Teen Mental Health Suffered During COVID-19

Teen anxiety during COVID-19 has risen for many reasons. Teens are at risk of mental health complications because of risks such as:

  • Increased isolation and lack of social contact with friends
  • Worry about the virus itself and the risks it brings
  • Lack of ability to engage in sports and other interests
  • Lack of routine and structure they are used to
  • Loss of family members and friends due to the virus 

Fear is a powerful emotion, especially for teen brains. Their brains are not fully developed yet. At this stage, they are also testing the waters and exploring relationships and social skills. Without any real ability to connect with others, at least in the way they have been, many teens struggle to adjust. Some may feel anxiety because of the unknown, too. COVID-19 protections and strategies have changed so frequently due to the newness of the virus that teens can easily feel overwhelmed and unsure.

What Can Be Done About Teen Mental Health During This Time?

Teen anxiety can be significant, and it should not be ignored. If your teen is struggling, take the time to talk to them about what is bothering them specifically. What scares them? What are they thinking about right now? 

Then, work to try to provide as much connection to friends and family as possible. Talk to them about their concerns, such as being alone forever or feeling like they have no friends. Offer ways to improve anxiety, such as creating fun experiences and more opportunities to socialize in a safe way. 

When Does Teen Anxiety Require Professional Treatment?

If you feel your teen’s anxiety is not improving, reach out for help. Early on, teen mental health treatment can provide them with tools to deal with negative thoughts and anxious feelings before it becomes more complex. Without treatment, some teens may turn to alcohol and drugs, outbursts, or other reckless behavior. 

Look for signs your teen may benefit from help such as significant changes in personality and behavior. If your teen is no longer interacting with others or isolating significantly, treatment is beneficial. You may also want to consider outward signs of anxiety such as a racing heart rate, panic attacks, and feelings of helplessness. 

Toledo Mental Health Services

Take steps now to help your teen with their anxiety. Teen anxiety can prove to be difficult to manage alone, especially during a pandemic. That’s why our team at Beyond Healthcare offers a comprehensive set of therapies that can help your teen. Each one is designed to create new opportunities. We can provide a wide range of resources to help you get started, including:

Make the Decision to Get Help–Speak to a Toledo Therapist Today

Teen anxiety at any time requires treatment and support. If you see the signs of anxiety or other teen mental health disorders, it is critical to act as soon as possible. Our team at Beyond Healthcare can offer support and treatment. While we don’t offer free therapy, our services are covered by Medicaid and private insurance. Learn more about the treatment options we offer when you call 833.698.0453 or connect with us online