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Treatment Options for Adolescents Experiencing Trauma

Trauma can be devastating to an adolescent, impacting them for years to come. That’s why embracing trauma treatment as soon as possible is so critical. It enables the brain to properly process and work through the experiences they’ve had so they can properly heal from them. Trauma treatment at Beyond Healthcare enables an adolescent to overcome the challenges they are facing resulting from that event, allowing them to heal and move forward.

When Is Trauma Therapy Necessary for an Adolescent?

The sooner an adolescent receives treatment for a traumatic event, the better. This type of event can be any type of abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, or mental), as well as witnessing events such as watching a loved one die or be hurt. It may also occur when an adolescent feels neglect for a long time, experiences a natural disaster firsthand, or otherwise experiences something that creates a significant change in their thought processes. 

It’s wise to seek out adolescent and teen mental health treatment whenever:

  • You know an adolescent has experienced some type of trauma, even if they aren’t showing outward symptoms
  • An adolescent withdraws from things that interest them and isolates from friends and family
  • Drugs or alcohol use becomes evident, indicating their need for profound help
  • A significant change in personality or behavior occurs
  • Outbursts, aggression, self-harm, or talks of death and dying occur

What Type of Trauma Therapy for Adolescents Can Help?

Treatment is always very specific to a person’s needs. Yet, working with a master clinician with specialized care and supportive resources can help in most situations. Individual therapy is a safe place for those who have experienced trauma. It enables a person to open up and talk about what they saw or experienced without needing to relive what occurred. For many, this is a critical step in the healing process.

Individual therapy can also be supported with group therapy. During group therapy, an adolescent may learn from others how to manage what happened to them. They can begin to work on re-learning how to have relationships and interact with others. They also learn strategies for managing negative thoughts. Often, there’s a valuable bond that occurs in group therapy. 

Therapies such as EMDR can also help. This type of trauma therapy enables a person to break from the memory, feelings, or visions of what happened in their day-to-day life. Through consistent use of this therapy, the traumatic experience becomes less impactful on life today. This is when a person can move beyond what happened.

How Can You Obtain Trauma Counseling for Your Adolescent?

One of the foundations of the success of Beyond Healthcare is providing resources to reach adolescents and teens with comprehensive help when they need it the most. If your son or daughter is experiencing trauma, we encourage you to reach out to us immediately to learn more about the programs that can help them. This includes programs such as:

If you’re unsure what type of level of care your son or daughter needs, that’s okay. Our team will work closely with them to ensure they have the best possible resources available. Our outpatient mental health treatment center provides therapy that’s designed to meet your adolescent’s unique needs. That may include trauma work, motivational interviewing to help those who don’t want to participate in treatment, and holistic care.

Call Beyond Healthcare to Learn More About Treatment

The right type of trauma treatment can make a big difference in your adolescent’s health and wellbeing. It also impacts their future. Learn more about the trauma treatment we offer for adolescents and teens when you call 833.698.0453 or connect with our therapists online