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a therapist talks with a teen about the benefits of motivational enhancement therapy

What Are the Benefits of Motivational Enhancement Therapy?

Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) is a client-centered, evidence-based approach that focuses on strengthening an individual’s motivation to change their behavior. It is particularly relevant to mental health conditions as it helps individuals identify their personal values and goals, which can be hindered by mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, or trauma disorders. The benefits of motivational enhancement therapy can be especially important for teens entering the next phases of their lives.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy Benefits

Starting MET can be incredibly beneficial for teens with mental health conditions and their families by helping teens with:

Increased Self-Awareness

MET helps teens become more aware of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. By exploring these aspects of themselves, teens can better understand the underlying factors contributing to their mental health condition and identify areas they would like to change.

Increased Self-Esteem

Through MET, teens learn to recognize their strengths and abilities, which can boost their self-esteem. Higher self-esteem can lead to increased confidence in one’s ability to overcome challenges and make positive changes in their life.

Clearer Goals

MET helps teens set realistic, achievable goals that align with their values and desires. This clarity can provide a sense of direction and purpose, helping individuals feel more in control of their lives.

Improved Communication Skills

During MET sessions, teens practice discussing their thoughts, feelings, and goals openly and honestly. These communication skills can improve relationships with family members, friends, and other support networks.

When to Find Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Individuals who may benefit most from MET include those struggling with:

  • Trauma disorders – A teenager struggling with the effects of trauma who needs help identifying their motivation to process their experience and creating a plan to heal
  • Anxiety or mood disorders – A young adult experiencing anxiety or depressive symptoms that interfere with their ability to set and achieve goals, leading to a lack of direction in life
  • Goal challenges – A teen feeling overwhelmed by school, social, or family pressures who needs guidance on how to communicate their needs and develop coping strategies

If you’re ready to help your teen realize the benefits of motivational enhancement therapy, knowing what to expect could help them get the most out of their experience.

What to Expect

The process of MET typically involves the following steps:

  • Assessment – The therapist will begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment to understand the client’s unique needs, strengths, and challenges. This may include discussing the teen’s mental health history, current symptoms, and personal goals.
  • Building motivation – The therapist will work with the teen to explore their values, motivations, and desires for change. This may involve discussing the pros and cons of change, identifying barriers to change, and developing strategies to overcome these obstacles.
  • Goal setting – Together, the teen and therapist will set realistic, achievable goals that align with the client’s values and desires. These goals should be specific, measurable, and time-bound.
  • Developing a change plan – Once goals have been established, the therapist will help the teen create a detailed plan for achieving them. This may include identifying necessary resources, developing new skills, and implementing strategies to maintain motivation.
  • Monitoring progress – Throughout the course of therapy, the therapist and teen will regularly review progress towards goals, adjusting the change plan as needed. This process helps clients stay accountable and track their success.

Help your teen realize the benefits of motivational enhancement therapy by contacting Beyond Healthcare today.

MET from Beyond Healthcare

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