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a teen asks a therapist what is motivational enhancement therapy?

What Is Motivational Enhancement Therapy?

When your teen is struggling with mental health conditions, helping them find support in figuring out a better way forward is key. Thankfully, mental health professionals are available for people of all ages and can determine which combination of therapies will work best for your teen. Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) is a popular type of treatment used by many teen psychologists and counselors. But what is motivational enhancement therapy?

At Beyond Healthcare, our team of mental health professionals is dedicated to helping adolescents and teens between 11-17 find a better way forward in life. Our center in Toledo, OH is a safe place for your teen to engage in outpatient therapy that provides education, inspiration, and personal development opportunities. Learn more about how we use motivational enhancement therapy for teens in our personalized treatment plans today by calling 833.698.0453.

What Is Motivational Enhancement Therapy?

Motivational enhancement therapy is a type of short-term, client-centered therapy designed to help people strengthen their internal motivation and empower them to make changes in their behavior. It focuses on creating solutions rather than dwelling on problems and can encourage adolescents to take ownership of their decisions and actions. MET can be used in conjunction with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), family counseling, and other types of treatment. In short, it encourages teens to make positive changes in their lives and set goals for the future.

Who Can Benefit from MET?

Teens living with mental health conditions and struggling to manage their symptoms can benefit from MET. Since the therapy is solution-focused, it can help adolescents develop coping mechanisms to reduce the intensity of their symptoms and ultimately improve mental health.

Some of the common mental health diagnoses that MET can help with include:

  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) – MET can help adolescents with ADHD learn how to manage their symptoms and develop strategies for success in school, work, and interpersonal relationships.
  • Anxiety disorders – The therapy can also help teens with anxiety build self-confidence and work to reduce their anxious thoughts.
  • Depression – Teens and adolescents living with depression can benefit from MET by learning how to manage their feelings and take steps towards feeling better.
  • Eating disorders – MET can help teens with eating disorders gain control over their food intake and start building healthier habits.

MET can also be beneficial for teens who are going through difficult life changes, such as the loss of a loved one or divorce. It can help create a safe space where they can talk openly about their emotions and thoughts without fear of judgment.

What to Expect During Motivational Enhancement Therapy for Teens

When your teen begins MET, they can expect to be an active participant in their treatment. The therapist will take the time to get to know your teen and understand what motivates them. They will then develop a personalized plan of action that outlines specific goals for your teen and how to achieve them.

The therapy usually consists of four stages:

  • Engagement – The therapist will establish trust and rapport with your teen so they feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings. There may also be discussions about the benefits of making positive changes in life.
  • Assessment – The therapist will assess your teen’s current mental health state and determine which areas need to be addressed to help them reach their goals.
  • Intervention – The therapist will suggest strategies and techniques that can help your teen work towards making positive changes in their life.
  • Evaluation – The therapist will evaluate the progress made during each session to ensure that your teen is on the right track toward reaching their goals.

At Beyond Healthcare, our team of mental health professionals is experienced in using motivational enhancement therapy to help teens find a better way forward.

Teen MET at Beyond Healthcare in Toledo, OH

Now that you know the answer to “What is motivational enhancement therapy?” it’s time to find out if your teen could benefit from it. Our team of mental health professionals in Toledo, OH is dedicated to providing comprehensive therapy plans tailored to your teen’s needs. Contact us today by calling 833.698.0453 to learn more about our customized treatment plans and how they can make a difference in your teen’s life.