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a woman sees the benefits of multimodal therapy for mental health

3 Benefits of Multimodal Therapy for My Adolescent

Behavioral issues like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) are common among adolescents and teens, but effective treatment and therapy are often as different from one adolescent to another as their personalities. That’s why the best therapy programs use a holistic approach that goes beyond medication and individual counseling to include many types of treatment solutions. Multimodal therapy is a part of any strong holistic program. Multimodal means bringing together different evidence-based behavioral therapies to build a customized plan for each individual person. At Beyond Healthcare, we make use of all the best tools available in our multimodal therapy so that each of our learners has the chance to build real skills and understand themselves.

3 Important Benefits of Multimodal Therapy

Beyond Healthcare multimodal therapy is based around a philosophy that true therapeutic success works by healing the mind, body, and spirit. We want our learners to get more out of life than just the ability to cope with their challenges, and that means giving them the right support. Here are three benefits learners get from our programs:

1. Intensive Social Skills Training

Your adolescent will be led through real-world situations modeled by professional therapists and given a chance to practice new skills in an inclusive and empathic environment. This often includes the basics of taking turns, sharing or asking for help. But social skills training is matched to the learner and can involve many complex situations such as reading and responding to emotions in others.

2. Strong Self-Awareness

Individual behavioral therapy will be customized to allow learners to identify their triggers and challenges and see how their own minds work. Once they understand the patterns their thoughts go through, they will be ready to build coping mechanisms that are easy and reliable. This also includes neurofeedback techniques to understand their physical responses to stressful emotions and to work on calming strategies like mindfulness.

3. Effective Parental Skills

Our holistic approach demands that everyone in the family has a positive role in the mental health of our learners. We give parents positive reinforcement strategies and effective ways to manage their adolescent’s environment to avoid known triggers.

Adolescents Need to Feel Happy and Supported to Make Lasting Progress

Mood and emotion are critical to any kind of learning in adolescents. If an adolescent is anxious and frustrated, they aren’t going to retain anything useful. Multimodal therapy at Beyond Healthcare keeps learners relaxed and engaged with a variety of activities that include physical movement and games. They will have a chance to try things like:

  • Play therapy
  • Art and music therapy
  • Dance therapy
  • Yoga and mindfulness
  • Meditation

Professionals who run these activities have the knowledge and patience to give your adolescent the best learning and healing environment.

Grow Your Toledo Family Support Network

Community is the cornerstone of care in our programs. Community Connections is a unique opportunity that allows you and your family to meet with other families and adolescents to share experiences and strategies. Just as well-informed parents and siblings are important to a learner’s progress, so is the wider community.

This program gives your family a chance to build a lasting connection that will follow you after treatment, as well as a chance to meet with alumni of the program and other professionals from our center and the wider community.

Reach Out to Beyond Healthcare to Learn About Starting Therapy

Give us a call at 833.698.0453 and ask anything you might want to know about multimodal therapy, behavioral therapy, or any other concerns you have about how mental health treatment will work for your family. You can also find more details about our programs online here. Let us show you how our inclusive and empathetic community can lead your family to strong, lasting healing. Join us in the following programs:

  • Therapy for adolescents and teens
  • Family therapy
  • Community Connections

Multimodal therapy gives your family a chance to build a lasting connection that will follow you after treatment, as well as a chance to meet with alumni of the program and other professionals from our center and the wider community. Contact us to learn more by calling 833.698.0453.