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Beyond Healthcare Office Exterior

A Letter From Our Founder

Why “Beyond”

Thoughts from the CEO

As Beyond Healthcare is close to opening its doors, we’ve been thinking about the significance of our name. Nicole, our Chief Operations Officer, and I were brainstorming a variety of options, but “Beyond Healthcare” lasted the test of time because it reminds us about our intentions in a literal and figurative way. The best way to explain those intentions is through a summary of our company values below:

Beyond Healthcare: We are inclusive and holistic

Belonging, acceptance, and knowing you are part of a community reduces the power that stigma has, and is vital to healing the whole person. When stigma is reduced, people and communities can heal. Beyond Healthcare is passionate about creating an environment where people are seen, valued, and belong. We know that belonging is the opposite of shame, and shame corrodes the part of us that believes we are capable of change.

We hope to be a part of something bigger than ourselves by creating a true community at our center; with our clients and with our staff. We will celebrate people for everything they are, instead of what they’re not. For people who lack healthy family or connections, we will be there to step beside and around them to celebrate their progress towards wellness.

Essentially healthcare, to us, is not just about physical health. It’s about the whole person, knowing you matter, feeling you belong, and having a tribe that surrounds you who believes the same.

Beyond the Basics: We do what’s best

Disparities in healthcare are a real thing, and we are working hard to eliminate that problem. We believe there are no shortcuts to quality care and everyone should have access to it. Choosing to do the best thing for each person might cost us something. The best decision might not be the easiest, but it will lead us down the right path.

Going beyond, to us, is not just about quality, but about choosing to do the best thing for each person 100% of the time.

Beyond Comfort: We are courageous

We know that making big life changes is never easy for anyone and requires our clients to choose courage over comfort. We promise to be intentionally courageous with you as we challenge the status quo in behavioral healthcare by advocating for your rights, stomping out stigma, and opening new doors for truly holistic care.

Courage, to us, is not just something our patients need. We need it too.

Beyond Perfection: We celebrate our shared humanity and are humble

We believe that the humanity of healthcare is just as important as science. Treating the whole person is much deeper than blood work results, medication, or counseling.  As professionals, we are part of the whole, and our own life experiences have helped us to learn the growth and healing that emerges from brokenness and pain when routed in the right direction. We take this imperfection with us as we remember we are no better than our clients. Our lives are enriched by walking next to them as they write the next chapter to the story of their life.

These values will never be a poster on the wall or words on paper, but the guiding force behind what we do each day. Be inclusive, look at the whole person, do what’s best, be courageous, be humble. Easier said than done, but we promise to try, to strive, and to go beyond the basics each day.

Please join us on our journey to be all about action and hold us accountable to the principles we stand for as we serve our community with quality mental healthcare for the whole family.



P.S. You can reach us by calling 833.698.0453 if you’d like to discuss your adolescent’s mental health and a potential therapeutic relationship.