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group therapy for teens is a great outlet for these adolescents

Benefits of Group Therapy for Teens

In the past year, many adolescents and teens have fallen into depression, anxiety, and other negative feelings that have grown out of the isolation and disruption of long-term distance learning. Many of these challenges began when they were still in school and became worse with the bullying and loneliness of online classes. 

Well-managed teen mental health treatment includes a number of specialized therapeutic tools, and different forms of professionally guided therapy are some of the best. There is strong research to suggest that group therapy can be critical to their lasting success for teens. This is especially true for teens who struggle with the following:

  • Bullying
  • Social anxiety
  • Chronic social isolation
  • Anger Management
  • Identity Conflicts

Why Group Therapy For Teens is a Central Part of Treatment at Beyond Healthcare

The benefits of group therapy for teens are backed by evidence, and we work hard to be on the leading edge of mental health treatment. These are some of the most compelling reasons to give our teen learners an opportunity to heal in a group setting:

  • Teen mental health issues are often dominated by social challenges. A trained therapist working individually with a teen will see progress. Still, the social components of anxiety and other issues will often not be clear in a one-on-one setting. Teens need to be challenged in authentic situations in order for professionals to identify and help support their needs. 
  • Better communication tools that relieve stress — Working in a carefully guided group allows teens to pick up better emotional communication skills. Many teens become irritable and defiant because they don’t feel like they can accurately express what they are going through. By learning with peers, they will reduce the stress and stigma of holding everything in.
  • A sense of real and relevant community — Group therapy is designed to bring together teens who are all working on similar challenges and give them a sense of connection and support. Beyond Healthcare is dedicated to creating an inclusive and empathetic environment where lasting friendships can be built. 
  • Self-confidence — Taking our learners away from school stressors, academic and social life gives them a chance to open up without fear of judgment. Once they get a taste of respect and kindness, they are more likely to make stronger and more appropriate friendships in the future.

Beyond Healthcare Knows Teens Heal Best With a Positive Community

Our mental health programs follow a holistic view of teen mental treatment, emphasizing personalized therapy for each of our learners, and social concerns are critical. Adolescents and teens want to be heard and taken seriously by their peers, not just adult professionals.

Community Connections is a special program at Beyond Healthcare that goes beyond group therapy to bring together alumni, families, and friends into a support network. We want your family to thrive, and one of the best ways to do that is to make sure you’re never alone. You can learn more about the inclusive and caring Community Connections program here.

We Serve The Whole Community

Beyond Healthcare welcomes and cares for all families from all backgrounds. In addition to individual and group therapy, we also provide family therapy that will allow you to learn from each other and connect with other families who face the same challenges.

Families with adolescents and teens aged 11-17 will be treated with the utmost respect and empathy. All our learners are given a comprehensive psychiatric assessment to identify strengths and challenges. We have a multidisciplinary team of therapists and psychiatrists that will work with you and your family to create an individualized treatment plan that includes holistic, evidence-based therapeutic tools like:

  • Yoga and movement therapy
  • Therapy through art, music, and games
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Behavioral modification programs
  • Crossmodal therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Strengths-based therapies

Toledo Adolescent Psychiatrists & Psychologists

Call us at 833.698.0453 and ask us about anything that will help you start your family’s healing journey. Let Beyond Healthcare introduce you to a supportive, inclusive, and empathetic community. We accept both Medicaid and private insurance.