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Finding a Teen Psychiatrist in Toledo, Ohio

Adolescence can be challenging for teens and parents alike. As teens begin their quest to create their identity and become more independent, their emotions can run high, and conflict is not uncommon. Today’s teens face different social, academic, and societal pressures than prior generations, and reported levels of mental health issues, particularly anxiety and depression, are higher than ever. Part of helping your teen navigate challenges is knowing when they need help beyond what you can give.

Beyond Healthcare, in Toledo, Ohio, provides holistic mental health services for children, teens, and families. If your adolescent or teen aged 11-17 is experiencing mental or behavioral health issues, we can help. We can start by answering your questions about the basics of mental health treatment, including how to find a teen psychiatrist. Contact us at 833.698.0453 for a free consultation.

What Does a Psychiatrist Do?

Psychiatrists and psychologists frequently work together to prevent, diagnose, and treat mental illness. Their expertise lies in studying the mind and how it impacts behavior and general well-being. While they share the same common goal of helping people achieve and maintain their best mental health, their education and practices differ.

Psychiatrists attend medical school, where they study general medicine. Next, they have a four-year residency of training in psychiatry. Here, they work with a wide range of patients, from children and adolescents to adults, with various mental health disorders. Psychiatrists can:

  • Provide crisis care for an acute mental illness
  • Admit someone to a hospital if necessary
  • Make an accurate diagnosis
  • Prescribe medications and provide medication management
  • Offer individual and family therapy
  • Help manage long-term mental health disorders
  • Make referrals for psychologists, social workers, and other mental health providers

All psychiatrists have a thorough knowledge of physical and psychological health and how they interact. However, many specialize in a particular area. Parents should choose a psychiatrist specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry.

How Can I Find a Teen Psychiatrist Near Me?

As you begin your search, remember that finding the right psychiatrist for your child takes patience. The first step is to ensure that any psychiatrist you consider is fully licensed, which is a requirement no matter where you live. Next, focus on those who indicate that they specialize in working with adolescents, whose needs differ significantly from adults. Other tips for finding a teen psychiatrist include:

  • Get a list of in-network psychiatrists from your insurance company and know what your insurance covers
  • Utilize the internet – Searching “teen psychiatrist near me” will provide a great starting point
  • Narrow your options by cross-referencing your insurance list with your internet search
  • Read online reviews
  • Get referrals from friends, family, your doctor, or your teen’s school
  • Call your local hospital or medical center
  • Search national organizations, such as The American Psychological Association (APA) or Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
  • Schedule consultations with multiple options to find a good fit for your teen and family

If you are trying to find a teen psychiatrist in Toledo, Ohio, Beyond Healthcare can help. We specialize in treating the mental, emotional, developmental, and behavioral needs of children and teens. We can accommodate your family’s needs in our treatment center, online, in your home, or your community.

Preparing for a Teen Psychiatrist Consultation

Before meeting with a potential teen psychiatrist, prepare a list of questions for them and concerns about your teen. Consider the following:

  • What type of license do you have, and how long have you been practicing?
  • How much experience do you have working with teens?
  • What is your treatment approach?
  • How do you set treatment goals?
  • How do you measure the effectiveness of the treatment?
  • Will my teen’s treatment involve other family members?
  • Do you offer telehealth?
  • What is your position on medication?

Following an initial consultation, you should be able to develop a sense of a psychiatrist’s approach to treatment, communication style, level of empathy, and overall demeanor, to determine whether they are a good fit for your teen and family. Presenting a list of concerns can help the psychiatrist know what areas to focus on when evaluating your teen.

Find a Teen Psychiatrist at Beyond Healthcare

At Beyond Healthcare, we provide comprehensive mental health treatment through highly personalized care designed to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Because today’s families are busy, we offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs. Call Beyond Healthcare at 833.698.0453 to learn about our programs and schedule a free consultation.