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Ohio Family Therapy Near Me

Families with adolescents or teens who have a mental health diagnosis know that true and lasting healing requires support from everyone. If you have an adolescent who struggles with emotional or behavioral issues, research tells us that outcomes are significantly better when all family members are aware of triggers and strategies. Whether it’s past trauma, conflict within the family, or a diagnosed condition, it is an issue that requires a loving and supportive network. Finding a good therapist for individual counseling can be a challenge in itself, and finding the right family therapy program in your community that works with your schedule may seem impossible. But Ohio residents are lucky to have one of the most comprehensive and holistic programs out there.

Beyond Healthcare is a Leader Among Ohio Family Therapy Programs

At our center in Toledo, you will find a team of professionals who care deeply about adolescents aged 11-17 and their families. We have drawn from many evidence-based treatment modalities and strategies to build an inclusive and nurturing environment. The foundation of all our treatments is the involvement of family, as well as good support for other family members. In our program, you can expect:

  • Specialized care and scheduling — Good family therapy should be as convenient as possible and cause the least amount of disruption to school, employment, and daily life. We are inclusive of all families without judgment, and we are dedicated to making a plan just for you.
  • Flexible and easy access — Beyond Healthcare offers virtual telehealth, community outreach, and counseling appointments on weekends and after-school hours to make sure your family gets the care it deserves. If new issues come up in therapy for different family members, the treatment plan will be adapted.
  • Real-life coping skills — Our family therapy sessions are designed to critically explore how you have coped with challenges in the past and exactly how new strategies can build stronger trust and understanding between you and your loved ones in the face of future challenges.

Well-managed Treatment by Professional Advocates

You may have tried different therapy programs in the past and found that the results were not lasting or that your adolescent or teen did not get the right tools and support to manage their own emotional challenges. Beyond Healthcare makes sure that every adolescent learner and their families have care coordinators and case managers that carefully monitor treatment plans and progress. Each plan is customized and flexible, which means that changes must be tracked and discussed with all team members. To put your mind at ease, our coordinators will work with you to ensure your family has access to:

  • Medical support and medication management
  • Nutrition and sleep specialists
  • Multidisciplinary teams from different fields of mental health science
  • Transportation strategies
  • Advocacy for outside support services
  • Housing and employment assistance

Beyond Healthcare’s Family Therapy Gives You Many Strategic Options

Your family needs a strong and empathetic community to grow and thrive. Maintaining good mental health requires exposure to new ideas and environments and the chance to connect with other people who face the same challenges that you do. Family therapy programs at our center will often include:

  • Education workshops to help siblings and other family members learn about the specific conditions your learner is facing
  • Parental coaching designed to provide opportunities that work for your family
  • Our own support network called Community Connections, which will give you access to other families as well as program alumni and professionals

Call Beyond Healthcare Today to Find Out How to Start Your Family’s Journey

We are ready to answer any questions you might have about mental health treatment and our specific programs. Call us at 833.698.0453 so we can walk you through what your family’s plan might look like and what the next steps will be, or have a look at program details online here. You might be surprised to find out what’s available to you right here in Toledo. Give us a call at 833.698.0453 to learn more. We accept both Medicaid and private insurance. We can help your family heal and thrive.